April 9, 2019

So a million things are happening right now:


My wife just gave birth to our first child. We're keeping her (the child) off of the internet for now, (so no pictures) but I'm sure she'll be working on my sets as soon as she can carry a camera bag. 


THE LETTER RED has been acquired by ACORT INTERNATIONAL. It is being retooled and will be available soon. (Along with some great behind the scenes and a brand new title)


I've also started a new company: MERCENARY ARTISTS


It's a blend of a film company and an online artists commune; with art for sale, coaching, tutorials, and more. The website is still under construction but come May you will be able to check it out as well as the following youtube pages:




A place for web shorts, trailers, interviews and behind the scenes.






Where I (and eventually others) will offer free educational videos in the arts along with the business of making something and selling it to the masses.


Here's to the future!






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